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  1. Other Car Videos and Pictures
    Frogman Tim Cotterill's Rocket II Trike - Car Videos on StreetFire Most of the time, we think three-wheeled vehicles are sketch. Seriously, ever seen a three-legged animal? But Frogman Tim Cotterill’s Rocket II is so bad-ass we had to feature it. It's powered by a 1000HP Hemi!
  2. Hyundai Genesis Sedan & Coupe - General...
    We talked with the guys at Hennessey Performance about the two GT40s they had on display at SEMA. They were kind of hard to miss and hear. When we were walking around outside we could hear the sweet sound of 1000HP engines revving. Oh what a sweet sound it was too. As soon as I heard the...
1-2 of 2 Results