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  1. Autocross
    I got a chance to get a video of an R-Spec making a couple of autocross runs in case anyone wants to see how one does. YouTube- WWSCC 2010 Slush #1 Car 85/185 Genesis Coupe autocross
  2. FAQ
    Just thought I would compile the differences between the trim models of the 2.0T. It might just be me but I got sick or trying to switch back and forth trying to see what was different between each trim on the hyundai website. And sorry if its a repost, but i never saw one.... Exterior Colors...
  3. Engine and Turbos
    Kevin I just looked at the service manual, it looks like the Theta engine only has 2 bolt mains. I'm not sure what kind of difference 2bolt vs 4 bolt makes. Perhaps one of the experts can elaborate. edit: a snippet from the service manual ---------------------
1-3 of 3 Results