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  1. Misc Hyundai News and Announcements
    The Hyundai Genesis makes the Best New Cars of 2009! Other cars on this lists include the Cadellic CTS-V, Corvette ZR-1, Dodge Challenger, Honda Fit, Mazda 6, Mercedes SL63 AMG, Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart, Pontiac Vibe, VW Jetta TDI. See the complete article here: - Best New Cars of...
  2. Hyundai Genesis Sedan Articles
    1. Link to article. Example: - Hyundai Genesis Test Drive 2. Date Tested: (Month Jan 2009) 3. Author: Aaron Gold 4. Vehicle Tested: V8, Tech 5. Options: 6. Testers General Opinion: Positive 7. Note (If Needed by poster for his/her comments): Author's concluding comments: "If you're...
1-2 of 2 Results