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  1. Chassis, Brakes and Suspension
    It's time to use the simple geometry we learned from high school and apply it to make our cars go faster. Many people are confused when it comes to setting up a wheel street or track setting for our cars. Different kinds of driving requires different types of set-ups as we all know and it...
  2. Hyundai Genesis - Wheels and Tires
    I wnet to get a tire rotation and one of the fronts was bald on the inside. All four tires are down to 4/32. They say it will be $750 to $1,000 to replace the tires. Has this happened to anyone else, and did the dealership help in any way?
  3. Hyundai Genesis - Problems & Warranty Info
    If you need to post about the HOOD ALIGNMENT ISSUE, I ask that you copy and paste the following in a reply in order to maximize information and minimize random, worthless responses: Username - Location (i.e. city, state) - Engine/Trans/Trim - Mileage - To what degree is the hood out of...
1-3 of 3 Results