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  1. Hyundai Genesis - Problems & Warranty Info
    So I own a 2010 genesis coupe 2.0t and today I was driving and I stopped at a friends house and right when I went to go drive I felt the car being super slow and checked my boost levels and normally I’m pushing 15 to 20 pounds of boost but now it maxed out at 8 and slowly goes down and I’m...
  2. Engine and Turbos
    JR from AEM posted this on the other forum after testing the GenCoupe 2.0t they got in. "Your guns are pretty dang accurate. We ran our 2.0T today and it makes about 12 PSI from about 2500 RPM up to 5000 RPM then quickly decreases to ~8-9 PSI by 6500 RPM. It hits max boost very quickly and can...
1-2 of 2 Results