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  1. Classifieds
    All parts will be described in this thread with part #s & Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price along with my asking price which includes shipping/handling to the lower 48 states which will be listed in RED! All parts have less than 10k miles on them & are in good shape. I will continue to watch...
  2. The HOWTO or FIX Forum
    Disclaimer: This is just my recommended process for replacing brake lines & therefore is not the rule. In addition, I am no technician or hold any technical credits at any school in any form. Work at own risk & spend the extra time to take safety measures when lifiting your vehilcle. Needed...
  3. The HOWTO or FIX Forum
    Steps for bleeding GenCoupe brakes or any production based vehicle with single master cylinder retrieved from MBS & here's the link: Brake System Bleeding Supplies needed: - 2 people - Supply of high quality brake fluid from an unopened container - Bleed bottle (I used suction from flush...
  4. Genesis Coupe - General Discussions
    For those who are not familiar with my mod list. Note: the items listed in blue, I have already purchased. Since I will be leaving the power level of my car stock until I have completed NASA HPDE1, I will focus on other areas of improvement initially. Warning detailed list R-Spec 2.0t 6spM/T...
  5. Chassis, Brakes and Suspension
    Installation link...
  6. Chassis, Brakes and Suspension
  7. Chassis, Brakes and Suspension
  8. Chassis, Brakes and Suspension
    Slotted Rotors Big Brake Drilled Rotors Setup Slotted & Cross Drilled Big Brake Setup Drilled Rotors Rotor Weight Spacers Spacers, Larger Anti-sway Bars, Traction Bar Slotted & Cross Drilled Big Brake Setup Advertisement
  9. Chassis, Brakes and Suspension
    I was planning on getting the track pkg so I could ignore the suspension & brakes while I build the motor up to my liking. The factiory 19" wheels look pretty good, so I was also planning on leaving them alone for a while as well. I was wondering how many others will probably leave the factory...
1-10 of 11 Results