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  1. The Dealership Review
    For those of you out there is the dirty south, we just got 4 more 3.8 ZF A/T GTs in yesterday: 1 white, 1 silver, & 2 black. We already had a mirabeau blue 3.8 A/T GT in stock & a 2.0t A/T base in stock, so we have a total of 6 now. We have also got 6 more GenCoupes on the way. The sales mgr...
  2. The Dealership Review
    After getting the "ok" with a few of our supporting vendors we've decided to open up this thread for the Hyundai Sales guys to give you their contact info, pricing and also generate some pressure on ALL dealers to give competitive pricing to potential car buyers. The intent is to try and get...
  3. The Dealership Review
    This is a place for reviewing and reporting on dealerships and your experiences with them. Did you get some exceptionally great customer service? Got a great deal on a Genesis Sedan or Coupe? Want to recomjmend a Sales person? or were you denied a warranty claim because you installed some...
1-3 of 4 Results