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  1. Drifting
    Formula D Round 3 - New Jersey - Car Videos on StreetFire
  2. Drifting
    We've been watching some pretty good runs from the drivers of FD, but now it's time to see some of the not so good runs with spin outs & contact YouTube - Formula Drift 09' Rd2 Practice Vol 5 (oops) Some more of the not so perfect runs at Road Atlanta Formula Drift '09 Rd2 YouTube - Formula...
  3. Drifting
    YouTube - Formula Drift '09 Rd2: Practice Vol 1 YouTube - Formula Drift '09 Rd2: Practice Vol 2 YouTube - Formula Drift '09 Rd2: Practice Vol 3 YouTube - Formula Drift '09 Rd2: Practice Vol 4
  4. Hyundai Genesis Sedan/Coupe Videos
    Formula Drift driver Stephan Verdier was helping out on the track in Vegas with Rhys Millen... We got Stephan to do some donuts around Lord Calvert... which made us all very dizzy.. Thanks to Stephan for the demonstration and thanks to Hyundai for letting us beat, er I mean drive these cars.. :)...
  5. News
    YouTube - Drift! Genesis Coupe with Rhys Millen
  6. Transmission and Drivetrain
    Props goto Galbi from gencoupe for this find: YouTube - KAAZ LSD 현대 ì œë„¤ì‹œìŠ¤ ì¿ íŽ˜ìš© 쌤플 테스트 ìž�료
  7. News
    Straight from Hyundai and RMR!! Rhys Millen will be drifting in a Hyundai Genesis Coupe!! They will also be entering the Redline Time ATtacks and doing a Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Pretty freak'n awesome IMO. It's going to be awesome seeing the Red Bull Hyundai Genesis Coupe this season in all of...
  8. News
    This is the first ever petition. What's this petition for? We want to let Hyundai know that we as enthusiasts want to see Rhys Millen in some type of racing avenue (example: Drifting) using the Hyundai Genesis Coupe in 2009. All you have to do is go to the link below at...
  9. News
    So were going to giveaway to one lucky member a 2008 SEMA Rhys Millen Hyundai Genesis poster that we got at SEMA. All you have to do is register be a member and have 10 posts. We are going to give everyone until Dec 31st then we will draw a winner of all eligible. Good Luck!
1-10 of 10 Results