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    Filed under: Hirings/Firings/Layoffs, Chrysler, LLC., FIAT, UAW/Unions Although there's been plenty of positive news regarding Fiat (and Chrysler), apparently everything isn't peachy across the Atlantic. Just like almost every other manufacturer out there, the Italian automaker is looking at...
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    Filed under: Chrysler, LLC., Daimler, FIAT For over a decade, ownership of Chrysler has been bouncing back and forth over the Atlantic like an Airbus jet. Since its founding in 1925, it was independently owned and operated right out of Detroit, then Daimler bought controlling interest in 1998...
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    Filed under: Plants/Manufacturing, Chrysler, LLC., FIAT, Rumormill Chrysler may not be in the best of shape, but apart from the federal government, someone may be willing to throw the beleaguered automaker a lifeline. And it may prove to be a mutually-beneficial relationship. Even before...
1-3 of 3 Results