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  1. Hyundai Genesis Sedan/Coupe Videos
    Viad.TV Hyundai Genesis Coupe - Video Advertising & Commercial Archive
  2. Misc Hyundai News and Announcements
    Hyundai spoofs Top Gear with new ix35 TVC We love a good advertisement. And Hyundai of South Africa has done a sterling job with these two takes on the ever popular TV show, Top Gear. They’ve even done a pretty good job of mimicking Clarkson’s voice, however it’s the Hamster which is truly...
  3. Genesis Coupe - General Discussions
    Rhys Millen Racing Hyundai Genesis PM580: Spy Shots
  4. Hyundai Genesis Sedan/Coupe Videos
    Drag St-Félicien 12 Juin 2010 - Altima SE-R VS Genesis Coupe 2.0T YouTube- Drag St-Félicien 12 Juin 2010 - Altima SE-R VS Genesis Coupe 2.0T
  5. Division 5 (South Atlantic)
    This thread is for listing & adding those interested in the southeastern meet that will include GA, AL, FL & SC. Also welcome those from NC, LA, MS & TN, although it may be a little bit of a drive for you guys. Location & date have not been determined yet, but will be discussed after seeing...
  6. Genesis Coupe - General Discussions
    For those who are not familiar with my mod list. Note: the items listed in blue, I have already purchased. Since I will be leaving the power level of my car stock until I have completed NASA HPDE1, I will focus on other areas of improvement initially. Warning detailed list R-Spec 2.0t 6spM/T...
  7. Miscellaneous Topics
    WoW, at 4am this Thankgiving eve, there were nearly 600 people visiting the site of which about 100 were members & too top that, all 3 mods were present. Now thats what I call Hyundai love LoL :jump: I want to give thanks to everyone that participates on these forums, giving me info I can use...
  8. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Articles
    CanadianDriver » Hyundai » Test Drive: 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T
  9. Hyundai Genesis Sedan/Coupe Videos
    Video:Lux Motorwerks Hyundai Genesis Coupe YouTube - Hyundai Genesis Coupe tuned
  10. Hyundai Genesis Sedan/Coupe Videos
    2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe with racing stripe factory YouTube - 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe
  11. Technical Tuning of EMS/EFI
    Full schematics of the 2.0l Theta II MFI Control systems. Includes ECU pinouts, connector descriptions and photos etc. This should keep some of you guys that like to tinker busy! Schematics courtesy of HMA.
  12. Hyundai Genesis Sedan/Coupe Pictures & PhotoChops
    Lux Motorwerks Gencoupe
  13. Other Car Videos and Pictures
    Rhys at the races... with a pig... Rhys finding a lil something special from the love of his life in his pocket just before an interview with SPEED TV. Rhys at the races... with a pig... on Vimeo
  14. Hyundai Genesis Sedan/Coupe Videos
    RMR El Toro- ROUGH CUT RMR El Toro- ROUGH CUT on Vimeo
  15. Hyundai Genesis - New Member Introductions
    I just wanted to say hey to everyone coming over from GenCoupe com in case I missed anyone on an individual basis, as we are glad to have you aboard. If you would please take the time to post in the new members intro section, so we can get to know you a little better, for those on here that...
  16. Drifting
    Hyundai Genesis vs Infiniti G35 Formula drift YouTube - Hyundai Genesis vs Infiniti G35 Formula drift
  17. Hyundai Genesis Sedan/Coupe Pictures & PhotoChops
    Heres a good pic of our decal on the disassembled trunk and wing of the Gencoupe RedBull car from this past weekend at Formula Drift New Jersey. Thanks to for the Photo!
  18. Hyundai Genesis Sedan/Coupe Videos
    Hyundai Genesis Coupe - Spec Commercial 100 % CG car and environment. This spec commercial was created by HOME with some finishing touches by it's sister company BTR YouTube - Hyundai Genesis Coupe - Spec Commercial
  19. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Articles
    Car Review: Hyundai Genesis Coupe Makes the Good Stuff Free Buy a Hyundai Genesis Coupe sports car and the important technology features come free: Bluetooth, iPod/music adapter, and an in-dash LCD display. How is it Hyundai can do this for a little over $20,000 but not the makers of $40,000...
  20. Misc Hyundai News and Announcements
    Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. thrives with best month ever Consumers finding Hyundai the smart choice MARKHAM, ON, June 1 /CNW/ - Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. defied recent industry trends by setting a sales record for May, 2009. With over 11,200 units sold, May marks the company's best month on...
1-20 of 76 Results