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  1. Classifieds
    I'm selling my 2.0t TIC short throw shift lever with brass bushings and no damage for $30.00 plus shipping. Contact me by pm or at [email protected]
  2. Classifieds
    I'm selling my 2010 GenCoupe 2.0t radiator overflow reservoir for $15.00 plus shipping; including hose, cap, nut & gasket. Contact me by pm or at [email protected]
  3. Classifieds
    Name: Dave Cox Location: Richmond, Ky Contact Info: [email protected] Item:Blow off Plate / Spacer for Genesis 2.0T Price: $40 shipped - Firm Shipping Costs or Fees: No additional cost or fees unless shipping outside of the USA. Naturally shipping will vary if going over sea's. If I have...
  4. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Articles
    Review: 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T By Michael Karesh on February 15, 2010 The Genesis Coupe has all the right bits: sleek styling, relatively compact size, DOHC engines, rear-wheel-drive, $22,750 starting price. Yet the Hyundai’s sales are a fraction of those for the Chevrolet Camaro and...
  5. Hyundai Genesis Sedan/Coupe Videos
    Learn about the 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T |
  6. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Articles
    Hyundai 'goes there' with rear-drive Genesis Coupe During a recent summertime hot-spell, I visited a local creamery for a giant ice-cream cone. While my artery-clogging snack was being prepared, I didn't notice the crowd gathering in the parking lot around the electric blue Genesis Coupe 2.0T I...
  7. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Articles
    Attention grabber By Alexandra Straub, Canadian Auto PressJune 23, 2009 Somebody better call the fire department because the 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe is burning up the streets. The Korean car manufacturer’s latest creation now comes in a two-door configuration and has the fire to heat...
  8. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Performance
    this may already be on here somewhere, but I couldn't find it so posted. Power: 387.89 whp Torque : 357.89 lb/ft Engine Internals : Stock Intercooler: SUPERDRIFT ic6020 BOV: SUPERDRIFT CHIC BOV Diffuser, Downpipe, rear end: JUN.B.L 76 pipe Manifold: JUN.B.L one bend 3T Turbo: 2871RT...
  9. Technical Tuning of EMS/EFI
    This is a Korean dyno on a 2.0T manual. Only an ECU mapping was done. Stock turbo, intake, exhaust everything. Stock: 188whp(PS), Torque 30.2kg.m ECU Tune: 223.6whp(PS), Torue 42.6kg.m Approximately 35whp(PS) gain and 12.5kg.m torque increase. originally posted by Gimli on gencoupe
  10. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Performance
    Video: 3.8 F/I Genesis Coupe with 7ism exhaust YouTube - 2.0 Turbo Genesis Coupe with 7ism exhaust
  11. Engine and Turbos
    What I would like to see here is details about each turbo available out there that would possibly be used on the GenCoupe. Info should include: turbo name manufacturer size turbine wheel size rpm at full spool approximate horse power range
  12. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Articles
    Dream Car By Michael Jordan, Executive Editor Email Date posted: 03-23-2009 Really, who wouldn't want to drive a car like this? Adventurous and even extravagant styling, a breath of beauty. A turbocharged four-cylinder engine that tries to give you both power and fuel economy, a real...
  13. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Articles
    As I’ve been busy with stories of my own, colleague Ron Kiino has been all over the Genesis Coupe – handling both the 3.8 and 2.0T first tests, (non) comparison tests, and videos. Lots of videos. Now I was at the track for the Genesis Coupe 2.0T’s testing. I even drove it a bit for video...
  14. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Performance
    Originally Posted by JR from AEM This is the average of 3 dyno pulls. All three started at the same coolant temps, air temps and fuel trims. The Ign advance value was taken from the OBD-2 port. The Boost was taken from an external high accuracy sensor. The dyno is a mustang eddy current. 91...
  15. Technical Tuning of EMS/EFI
    Thanks to JR at AEM we know the factory injector limits. see below. Looks like the boost isn't going up without new injectors. At 5500-6000 RPM and above the injectors are pretty much 100% on. 2000 RPM, 35% Inj Duty, 8 PSI Boost 2500 RPM, 51% Inj Duty, 13.7 PSI Boost 3000 RPM, 53% Inj Duty...
  16. Engine and Turbos
    JR from AEM posted this on the other forum after testing the GenCoupe 2.0t they got in. "Your guns are pretty dang accurate. We ran our 2.0T today and it makes about 12 PSI from about 2500 RPM up to 5000 RPM then quickly decreases to ~8-9 PSI by 6500 RPM. It hits max boost very quickly and can...
  17. The HOWTO or FIX Forum
    Thanks to 1. Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal (A). 2. Remove the drain plug (A) and drain the engine coolant. 3. Remove the front muffler (A). 4. Disconnect the breather hose (A), vacuum hose (B). And remove the air duct (C) and air cleaner assembly (D). Tightening...
  18. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Articles
    2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T - Short Take Road Test Turbo tactics. BY AARON ROBINSON May 2009 Hyundai knows 210 horsepower in a 3380-pound car won’t astound anyone. It imagines the base Genesis coupe with its 2.0-liter turbocharged four as a blank canvas for tuners and speed-widget...
  19. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Articles
    YouTube - Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0 Turbo review Part.01 (ENG Subtitle) YouTube - Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0 Turbo review Part.02 (ENG Subtitle) YouTube - Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 review part.01 (ENG subtitle) YouTube - Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 review part.02 (ENG subtitle)
1-20 of 31 Results