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    I'm selling my pair of 2010 GenCoupe high beam headlamp bulbs that I removed right after purchase and replaced with aftermarket bulbs. These bulbs have never been touched by human hands and therefore have no oil on them allowing them to function as well as the day they were removed using rubber...
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    I'm selling a "NEW" 2010 GenCoupe OEM 3rd brake lamp assembly for $5.00 plus shipping. Contact me by pm or at [email protected]
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    I'm selling a full set of 2010 GenCoupe OEM lug studs (20 pc) with no thread damage for $15.00 which is less than just what 3 of these will cost you at the dealership. Contact me by pm or at [email protected]
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    I'm selling my 2010 GenCoupe OEM 2.0t exhaust center pipe with no damage for $40.00 plus shipping. Contact me by pm or at [email protected]
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    I'm selling my 2010 GenCoupe OEM 2.0t exhaust front pipe with no damage for $40.00 plus shipping. Contact me by pm or at [email protected]
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    I'm selling this pair of 2010 GenCoupe OEM 2.0t converter heat shields with no damage for $10.00 plus shipping. Contact me by pm or at [email protected]
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    I'm selling 2010 GenCoupe front tag bracket mount "NEW" for $5.00 plus shipping. Contact me by pm or at [email protected]
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    I am looking to sell my 2011 silver oem hood, it was on my car for only 3,500 miles and then i recently bought a new carbon fiber one. I'm looking to get around $150 for it plus shipping and handling of the item. Thank you.
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    I have a bunch of stuff off my car left from my build that hasn't sold on the forums that I posted on ebay...
  10. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Articles
    2011 Chevrolet Camaro vs 2011 Dodge Challenger vs 2011 Ford Mustang vs 2011 Hyundai Genesis - Comparison - Motor Trend
  11. Other Car Videos and Pictures
    YouTube - 2010 Korea RC Street Drift Challenge[a EditB]
  12. Misc Hyundai News and Announcements
    Hyundai Plans Premium Division, Rival For Infiniti And Lexus0October 20th, 2010 Hyundai wants a premium brand, capable of attracting the European customers and steal some of Infiniti’s and Lexus’ customers. The first model of the Koreans might be the Hyundai Genesis coupe. The success the...
  13. Hyundai Genesis Sedan/Coupe Pictures & PhotoChops
    Vossen Hyundai Genesis | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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    Well, time to get rid of some more stuff. Here's the link to my ebay:
  15. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Articles
    By Tim Healey, Sep. 03, 2010, Photography by HyundaiPhotoVideoSpecsBuild & PriceEmail a friendPrint Friendly There are few better ways to build a brand than to deliver a model for enthusiasts. The R-Spec is just such a car. Hyundai’s Genesis Coupe has been a hit with enthusiasts since it...
  16. Hyundai Genesis Sedan & Coupe - General...
    Next Hyundai Equus, Genesis and Genesis Coupe to get AWD by Jeremy Korzeniewski (RSS feed) on Aug 24th 2010 at 12:57PM In case you hadn't noticed, Hyundai is quickly moving up the ranks of automakers by pushing the boundaries of the classes in which its vehicles compete. Exhibit A was the...
  17. Genesis Coupe - General Discussions
    STAGE1 OK guys, I can't take it no more! :aargh: I need MO POWA & have ordered alot of bolt-ons to help with this performance improvement. I will have 3 stages evolving over time regarding performance, just as there will be 3 stages to asthetics in my build. Stage1 asthetics is complete...
  18. Hyundai Genesis Sedan/Coupe Videos
    Viad.TV Hyundai Genesis Coupe - Video Advertising & Commercial Archive
  19. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Articles
    Hyundai has reached out to all segments of the car-buying public and that effort is succeeding if you look at the sales charts. All Hyundai did in July was set an all-time sales record. It sold more than 50,000 vehicles at a time when, many will agree, the economy is stuck in the swamps. Big...
1-19 of 272 Results