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  1. Other Car Videos and Pictures
    YouTube- Mine's R35 GT-R First Drive - Nissan GT-R Loaded - Best Motoring International
  2. Other Car Videos and Pictures
    Win this GT-R! - Car Videos on StreetFire We had tons of options when we were looking for our latst project car, but we started big, and partnered with YoParts and GMG Racing to make sure the finished product is beyond ferocious. And the best part? You can win our baby!
  3. Other Car Videos and Pictures
    VRAlexander having some road trip fun - Car Videos on StreetFire The GT-R in this clip is the only one in the states with GT3582R turbos, and it's capable of 1300 horsepower. And while the car is tough as hell, the driver doesn't sound so tough after he thinks he's been popped at 160MPH. This...
  4. Other Car Discussions
    2009 Tokyo Auto Salon: Blitz brings RWD, manual-equipped GT-R Filed under: Aftermarket, Tuners, Sports/GTs, Japan, Supercars, Nissan, Tokyo Auto Salon You'd have to go to great lengths to improve on the Nissan GT-R, but judging by the number of R35s on hand at the Tokyo Auto Salon, Japan's...
  5. Other Car Discussions
    Power Enterprises developing Nissan GT-R twin-charger system by Chris Shunk on Dec 29th 2008 at 1:57PM If the Nissan GT-R's 478 horsepower twin-turbo engine isn't powerful enough for you, the tuners at Power Enterprises has some hardware to put Godzilla over the top. PE has two kits available...
1-5 of 5 Results