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  1. Misc Hyundai News and Announcements
    Krafcik: Two Goals for Equus The next big hurdle for Hyundai Motor America is whether luxury buyers will consider dropping by one of its dealerships during showroom visits to BMW, Mercedes and Lexus. Hyundai is counting on that happening when it introduces the Equus this fall, the company’s...
  2. Misc Hyundai News and Announcements
    Hyundai Equus: White knight or dead horse? While other auto companies are rapidly shifting into reverse, Hyundai is pushing forward with plans to introduce its first super-luxury sedan, the Equus, to America. First seen at the New York International Auto Show, the Equus will be displayed...
  3. Misc Hyundai News and Announcements
    Hyundai’s $50,000 Puzzle: How to Sell Equus Luxury Car in U.S. By Alan Ohnsman and Seonjin Cha April 17 (Bloomberg) -- Hyundai Motor Co. Chairman Chung Mong Koo insisted the revamped Equus luxury sedan meet all regulations in the U.S., where Hyundai’s flagship has never been sold. Now the U.S...
1-3 of 3 Results