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  1. The HOWTO or FIX Forum
    Disclaimer: This is just my recommended process for replacing brake lines & therefore is not the rule. In addition, I am no technician or hold any technical credits at any school in any form. Work at own risk & spend the extra time to take safety measures when lifiting your vehilcle. Needed...
  2. The HOWTO or FIX Forum
    retrieved from gencoupe, OP dogstar It was a busy afternoon, I managed to get the passenger door panel off and take some measurements. Italyn, things look good for getting a reasonably shallow 8" mid woofer in there. The stock speaker is a plastic bodied speaker of approximately 6" diameter...
  3. The HOWTO or FIX Forum
    Got this out of the CF mag that I've been gathering other data from & figured I would post it since many are starting to do mods to their cars. This is for a particular style & type of wing, but the general steps should work for any other rear spoiler installation that requires drilling. In...
1-3 of 3 Results