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  1. Genesis Coupe - General Discussions
    So I searched. Here and Google, didn't hit on anything. :dunno: So now I ask... has anyone done anything about the shifter and cup holder chrome trim? I just am not a fan of it. The door handles I can take (for now... may get them powder coated) but this plastic chrome is my only gripe. Does...
  2. Hyundai Genesis - Body Kits & Visual Modifications
  3. Genesis Coupe - General Discussions
    These tools/guides/overviews were taken from the Korean Genesis Coupe Website. I got the files and hosted them in the US as anything from Korea seems to take forever to download. Take a look. Click on the links and then wait for the files to download. They will play in your browser as long as...
  4. Hyundai Genesis Sedan & Coupe - General...
    So now that we know the color options and interiors for the coupe what is everyone's personal choice?
1-4 of 5 Results