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  1. Other Car Videos and Pictures
    Bugatti Veyron vs. Nissan GT-R! - Car Videos on StreetFire Quote: "The Bugatti Veyron and Nissan GT-R are both mechanical masterpieces respectively. Watch for yourself as the Switzer P800 Nissan GT-R actually out races the world's fastest production car!"
  2. Other Car Discussions
    78-year old's Nissan Pulsar impounded after AU street race with Skyline Filed under: Etc., Government/Legal, Nissan, Australia, Humor A 78-year-old Australian man with a need for speed had his car impounded after being caught racing at 170 km/h (105 mph) on a winding road east of Melbourne...
  3. Other Car Discussions
    Nissan GT-R SpecV unveiled! Filed under: Tuners, Sports/GTs, Japan, Supercars, Nissan, Tokyo Auto Salon, Special/Limited Editions After nearly a year of speculation and spy shots, it's official: the Nissan GT-R SpecV has arrived. The limited edition GT-R is a subtle evolution of the super...
  4. Other Car Videos and Pictures
    I wish I could say this was my car but alas, I can only dream. This GT-R was sitting in the parking lot near Manhattan Beach in El Segundo California where I am currently at for a business trip. We were walking back from dinner and there it was. Unfortunately it was late out with very few...
1-4 of 4 Results