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  1. Genesis Coupe - General Discussions
    I found this at another site and thought I would put it up. I stumbled upon this tonight from someone with says they had access to a dealer press release. Yes the offical is next Wed Feb 11- Chicago auto show but this could be correct . . . 2.0T ( 6 speed)- $19,700 - 2.0T (automatic) -...
  2. Genesis Coupe - General Discussions
    A member (Tibguy2003) at Gencoupe posted some Canadian pricing details. Please note that the pricing is higher (not sure how much) than what we should see here in the States. Your thoughts? ------------------------------------------- <edit> The following are 2010 Genesis Coupe Canadian...
  3. Miscellaneous Topics
    Bloomberg does an interesting report. We haven't seen $1.75 since about 2004! Is it time to buy the big SUV and Trucks again? I'm actually still putting up my Titan for sale because I know the price will go up again but my neighbor just bought a new 4x4. The cheapest I've seen around my area...
1-3 of 3 Results