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  1. News
    Got some cool news from our friends at Rhys Millen Racing today! THE RMR HYUNDAI GENESIS PM580 In the world of racing, Unlimited, means “Anything Goes.” Unlike other forms of motorsport (NASCAR, Indy Car, F1, etc.) the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Unlimited Class gives...
  2. Misc Hyundai News and Announcements
    SEMA/Hyundai Expects A Good Showing In Las Vegas For automakers donning "tuner" hats for the yearly migration to the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) show on Nov. 3, what happens in Vegas will not, it is to be hoped, stay in Vegas. The show, which started life as a car display...
  3. Time Attack/Road Racing
    [VIDEO] RMR Time attack car at Willow Springs mods walkthrough YouTube - RMR Genesis Coupe Time Attack @ Willow Springs
  4. News
    Rhys Millen uncut - exclusive interview NZ Performance car Building and racing top-notch drift cars is any kids dream; especially when that racing comes in the form of America’s premier drift event – Formula D, the infamous Pikes Peak hill climb, road racing events and even movie stunt...
  5. Time Attack/Road Racing
    Thanks to djricepik for this info: Hello everyone- Just wanted to give a heads up of an RMR tuned Genesis running around the big track at Willow Springs this past weekend in the Redline Time Attack Series. The actual RMR / Red Bull / Hyundai Genesis Race car was on the East Coast- as there is...
  6. Drifting
    Rhys Millen's 09 Hyundai Genesis Drift Car in Detail - FDLB
  7. Other Car Videos and Pictures
    Video: Rhys Millen Racing RWD Evolution VIII YouTube - Rhys Millen Racing RWD Evolution VIII
  8. Other Car Videos and Pictures
    NEW footage of Rhys Millen practicing for backflip From his first practice jump to his nearly successful New Year's attempt, checkout a ton of previously unreleased footage of Rhys Millen's quest to successfully back flip a truck. Although Rhys was thoroughly disappointed, his New Year's Eve...
  9. News
    Video: Drifter! Rhys Millen Hyundai Genesis Drifting YouTube - Drifter! Rhys Millen Hyundai Genesis Drifting
  10. News
    Slow Is Fast When You're With Mad Skills Millen By Josh Jacquot, Senior Road Test Editor It's not like you think. It's not busy. Or rushed. Or frantic. There's no chopping at the wheel, no exaggerated stabs at the pedals. In fact, it's just the opposite: small, highly calculated and...
  11. News
    RMR Hyundai Genesis Coupe starts Formula D season with Nissan power When Rhys Millen debuted the new Hyundai Genesis Coupe at the season's first Formula Drift event at Long Beach, not all was what it seemed. When the factory-supported drift program was announced in February at the Chicago Auto...
  12. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Articles
    All Show, More Go: Sliding With Rhys Millen in the Genesis Coupe Drift Car Posted Today 05:00 PM by Nate Martinez Earlier this week, Hyundai Motors, one of drifter extraordinare Rhys Millen's primary backers in the 2009 Formula DRIFT racing series, invited us out to experience first hand the...
  13. Drifting
    Changes spice up always-wild Drift MOTORSPORTS: New format should create more suspense, exposure for series. By Robert Morales, Staff Writer Posted: 04/10/2009 01:27:55 AM PDT Rhys Millen had just finished a practice session Tuesday on the track on which he will be competing this weekend in...
  14. News
    Video: Rhys Millen in his Hyundai Genesis: First Look YouTube - Rhys Millen in his Hyundai Genesis: First Look
1-17 of 22 Results