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  1. Other Car Videos and Pictures
    F20 swap RWD Honda Civic drifting - Car Videos on StreetFire We don't know what kind of set up this baby has in the rear, but it's got an S2000 Motor under the hood. Watching this video makes us wish Honda would step up and make another RWD car. After all, Hyundai has one and Toyota's is on...
  2. Other Car Videos and Pictures
    Video: Rhys Millen Racing RWD Evolution VIII YouTube - Rhys Millen Racing RWD Evolution VIII
  3. Other Car Discussions
    Get Your V-8s and Rear-Drive Cars While You Can | Car News Blog at Motor Trend DETROIT - Set aside for a moment the question of whether General Motors should get up to $30 billion in federal loan guarantees, or whether it will have to file for bankruptcy on April 1. What kinds of cars and...
  4. Other Car Discussions
    2009 Tokyo Auto Salon: Blitz brings RWD, manual-equipped GT-R Filed under: Aftermarket, Tuners, Sports/GTs, Japan, Supercars, Nissan, Tokyo Auto Salon You'd have to go to great lengths to improve on the Nissan GT-R, but judging by the number of R35s on hand at the Tokyo Auto Salon, Japan's...
  5. Other Car Discussions
    No Surprise: Ford halts RWD programs Filed under: Sedans/Saloons, Ford Ebb and flow. That's the way the petroleum market works, and if history holds true - and it normally does - then fuel prices are set to go up... again... and then some. So it's no surprise that Ford, GM and Chrysler -...
  6. Hyundai Genesis - New Member Introductions
    Hey Guys, First off welcome to all those who are looking at the site and thinking about joining. If you are on the fence about joining, just frigg'n do it!! Membership is free afterall! FUR! Ok enough of that.. A little about myself. I've been involved with cars in some form or shape for...
1-6 of 6 Results