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  1. Chassis, Brakes and Suspension
    The Progress Group has developed a front and rear anti-roll bar set and sport lowering springs for the 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. The front anti-roll bar is 27mm solid, alloy steel and has two adjustment points. The rear anti-roll bar is 24mm solid, alloy steel with a non-adjustable design...
  2. Chassis, Brakes and Suspension
    Here is the part #s for the Track, the Base & GT. The Base & GT get the same part #s. front springs - 54630-2M200 left front shock - 54651-2M200 right front shock - 54661-2M200 rear springs - 55350-2M200 rear shocks - 55311-2M200 bracket - 55330-2M050 The Track gets different part #s...
  3. Chassis, Brakes and Suspension
    BMW E34 Shocks Springs Guide I know it's not a GenCoupe, but they have not been out for years where these different suspension combos could be tried & tested. So, I figured those not going for coilovers might be able to use this as a starting point to at least send them in the right direction...
  4. Chassis, Brakes and Suspension - 2.0 Prokit - 2.0 Sportline - 3.8 Prokit - 3.8 Sportline
  5. Chassis, Brakes and Suspension
    Spacers, Larger Anti-sway Bars, Traction Bar HKS Stance Roberta Cup Kit Koni/Eibach Spring/Strut Combo Top Secret Air Ride SMA Suspension SMA Finished Product Another SMA Bilstein
  6. Chassis, Brakes and Suspension
    Here's the link Applications || H&R Special Springs, LP
1-6 of 8 Results