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  1. Technical Tuning of EMS/EFI
    Hi there. My name is Mike Litsch. I work for DiabloSport Inc., a world wide leader in mostly domestic gas and diesel handheld tuning solutions. We have been watching this market for a while now, and we are strongly considering the idea of bringing a handheld tuner/remote custom tuning solution...
  2. Division 5 (South Atlantic)
    Well we are trying to drum up enough interest to get Forged Performance as a PowerAXEL dealer. They are located in Atlanta, GA & Sharif is the tuner. I've already been there once for baseline dyno & can contest that they are great bunch folks that usually are oriented more toward the Nissan...
  3. Other Car Videos and Pictures
    Car Catches Fire at Tuning Show - Car Videos on StreetFire
  4. Engine and Turbos
    The Tear Down Fixon Red GenCoupe Fixon Black GenCoupe
  5. Genesis Coupe - General Discussions
    Will the tuner crowd embrace the Genesis Coupe? If any indications are to be taken from the heritage of the "tuner" engine, and the trilogy of SEMA members that will supe up the cars, the answer is yes. Why do I say this? Well I think it has a lot to do with the RWD platform. There hasn't...
  6. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Performance
    So my primary interest in this car is the 2.0l turbo engine that will be made available. I hear it's similar or shares heritage with the Dodge SRT-4 and Mitsubishi Evo engines, both excellent engines for the tuner crowds. I personally own an SRT-4, and I can attest to how bullet proof the...
1-6 of 6 Results