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  1. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Performance
    I found this trolling & though it was worth putting up. It originally came from _THE_ WRX Modification Guide *Complete* *** This guide was written in my opinion and I am not responsible for any damages caused by following it, nor am I responsible for any legal repercussions of...
  2. Engine and Turbos
    So from what I've gathered, there is no reason to buy a manual boost controller if you are getting a PowerX tune, as it will have no benefit what so ever (correct me if I'm wrong). I'm bored & posting this to be sure since I'm turbo retarded...LoL
  3. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Performance
    this may already be on here somewhere, but I couldn't find it so posted. Power: 387.89 whp Torque : 357.89 lb/ft Engine Internals : Stock Intercooler: SUPERDRIFT ic6020 BOV: SUPERDRIFT CHIC BOV Diffuser, Downpipe, rear end: JUN.B.L 76 pipe Manifold: JUN.B.L one bend 3T Turbo: 2871RT...
  4. Technical Tuning of EMS/EFI
    This is a Korean dyno on a 2.0T manual. Only an ECU mapping was done. Stock turbo, intake, exhaust everything. Stock: 188whp(PS), Torque 30.2kg.m ECU Tune: 223.6whp(PS), Torue 42.6kg.m Approximately 35whp(PS) gain and 12.5kg.m torque increase. originally posted by Gimli on gencoupe
  5. Technical Tuning of EMS/EFI
    By Jay at SuperDrift "Well, there has been many speculations and researches by shops, but we got this "unofficial" explanation straight from the horse's mouth. We can't name who, but he/she worked on the Gen coupe project. The rev hang (partial opening of the throttle) was put into the...
  6. Hyundai Genesis Coupe Performance
    Originally Posted by JR from AEM This is the average of 3 dyno pulls. All three started at the same coolant temps, air temps and fuel trims. The Ign advance value was taken from the OBD-2 port. The Boost was taken from an external high accuracy sensor. The dyno is a mustang eddy current. 91...
  7. Technical Tuning of EMS/EFI
    Thanks to JR at AEM we know the factory injector limits. see below. Looks like the boost isn't going up without new injectors. At 5500-6000 RPM and above the injectors are pretty much 100% on. 2000 RPM, 35% Inj Duty, 8 PSI Boost 2500 RPM, 51% Inj Duty, 13.7 PSI Boost 3000 RPM, 53% Inj Duty...
  8. Technical Tuning of EMS/EFI
    "Hello All, I am JR from AEM and we are busy developing parts for the Genesis. We took delivery of our pre-release 2.0T a while ago and are up to our armpits in it. Now that Hyundai has lifted the embargo we can start talking about the car and our projects. It's been hard having this thing and...
1-8 of 9 Results