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    What lies up the road for America's meanest supercar? Future Dodge Viper: In 2008, Dodge sold 1172 Vipers; in 2009, only 659. Prior to that, close to 2000 Vipers were rolling off dealer lots per year. Over 25,000 of these venomous sports cars have been sold since Dodge introduced it in 1992...
  2. Other Car Videos and Pictures
    Twin Turbo Gallardo - Car Videos on StreetFire We know that when a pair of twin-turbo V10s square off, anything can happen. And while Underground Racing's force-fed Bulls are beyond burly, Ma Mopar's Snake is no less poisonous. Watch as this pair take it to the Texas Mile for a drag!
  3. Other Car Videos and Pictures
    Viper RT10 on a cloased mountain road - Car Videos on StreetFire When Audi closed off nice twisty stretch of road in the Alps for a shoot, StreetFire member ViperRT10 took the opportunity to have a little fun with his favorite toy. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! We're...
  4. Other Car Videos and Pictures
    ROLL OVER, Live SRT 10!!! - Car Videos on StreetFire Aside from when drivers wind up plowing in a crowd of people, which is a very particular kind of terrible, this is the worst burnout related accident we've seen. Ever. We can't believe the driver escaped unharmed.
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    Millyard Viper V10 - Car Videos on StreetFire Chrysler's halo car is known for being hard to handle, so we can only imagine what how scary its V10 will be once jammed into a motorcycle chassis. Think selling somebody one of these bikes counts as assisted suicide?
  6. Drifting
    Samuel Hübinette, aka The Crazy Swede, is a professional race car driver and Hollywood stunt driver. He was born in Jokkmokk, Sweden and started working as a test driver for Volvo Cars. Today he is one of the top names in drifting, winning the inaugural Formula D series championship in 2004 and...
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    Super Snake for sale: ASC-McLaren Dodge Viper NAIAS showcar A McLaren-tuned Dodge Viper? That's some synergy, and it's also what everyone was asking when American Specialty Cars (ASC) unveiled their reworked asp at the Detroit Auto Show back in 2006. But there was a logic to it all: At the...
1-7 of 7 Results