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  1. Hyundai Genesis - Problems & Warranty Info
    I have a 2009 Genesis Sedan, I bought it new, and now have about 65000 miles. I know this sounds stupid but... I noticed about 6 months ago, when I am about to shut off the vehicle, I turn the sound system volume all the way to low, so you can't hear it. I shut off the car, get out and lock...
  2. Water Cooler - Hyundai Employee's Lounge
    I'm only writing up 10 or less cars a day for the last month & I'm the only advisor at this dealership, which is the only Hyundai dealer in town. The next closest one is 45mins away. Of what I am writing up, over 1/2 is just oil changes. Upselling, forget about it. Are you guys starving as well?
1-2 of 2 Results