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  1. Hyundai Genesis - Wheels and Tires
    Hello Everyone, This is my first post so bear with me. :newbie: I have a 2010 3.8 Base model and was looking for a 17"; Winter wheels and tires. I've been hearing so many Yes and no's regarding fitment from different wheel dealers on the same models that Im a little hesitant to choose a wheel...
  2. Miscellaneous Topics
    Scientists warn California could be struck by winter ‘superstorm’ By Liz Goodwin Mon Jan 17, 9:49 am ET A group of more than 100 scientists and experts say in a new report that California faces the risk of a massive "superstorm" that could flood a quarter of the state's homes and cause $300...
  3. Other Car Videos and Pictures
    Winter Race - CAMARO vs BMW M3 - Car Videos on StreetFire After watching this clip, we're totally convinced that racing a bashed-up Camaro against a BMW M3 on a snowy track is the most fun a person can have with their pants on, and it almost makes us want to move some place where it snows...
1-3 of 3 Results