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15mm Spacers on GenCoupe Pics

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For you engineers out there, do spacers put addition stress on wheels/studs that can create safety issues? I like the look though.
+1...........But, then again, I'm one a the few people that likes the factory wheels good enough to run them for street use. There will definately be a 2nd 3pc forged set w/the right offsets for track use that will have tires designed more for racing. Not to mention, a pair w/slicks mounted just for drag strip days. I need 10 wheels & tires...LoL
Tufast, I hope you have a large shed/barn for all the parts coming off your stocker!!! Now you are up to 2.5 sets of wheels. NASCAR ain't got nothing on you on track day!!! You are going to need to invest in a serious car trailer just to get all your stuff to the track. I hope you have clearance for this project from the in house accountant. :))
I'm the house accountant, 39 yrs old, single, never married, & no kids. This gives me alot of leeway. But, I figure on the autoX track days, I'll switch the wheels/tires out prior to leaving the house if I'm planning on driving to the track. This will be ok since the tires I plan on running will be street legal (probably barely though) & I won't be going on bad weather days anyway. As for the drag strip, the rears will have to be brought in seperately in a P/U & switched out there at the track or the car just trailered in. Since I own a car hauler & have access to a 01' Dodge Ram 2500 turbodiesel P/U (my pops), I will most likely trailer the thing in anytime I plan on spending time at any track.

I know it sounds like I dream big & my aspirations may seem a little far-fetched for some of you. But, I attribute this to mid-life crisis or at least that sounds like a good enough reason to spend a ridiculous amount of money on such a hobbie. I'm not sure how much of all this will become reality or how long it will take. All I know is that I'm in no rush & that I've almost always gotten what I want. It's never been given to me, but I'm usually willing to do what ever it takes to get it. Besides there's always got to be that one asshole that just takes things a little too far. Consider me him...:evilgrin:

Ah, the good old days. Free to roam and do what you want. Good for you. Looking forward to seeing you set some records at the track.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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