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I picked up this 2012 Genesis sedan 3.8l with the Premium and Technology packages for an insane $1300.00! With only 114,781 miles. Runs perfectly!

After replacing the Driver's door glass, the Battery, the Rearview mirror and the Windshield. I took it over for a California SMOG test..

It failed with a P0420.. Bank 1 efficiency below Threshold..

The Test Station idiot said I need a new Catalytic converter (based on a sensor BEFORE the converter??🤨)!?

The car has a lot of minor damage, including a seriously damaged under carriage plastic cover. I'm guessing damage to the Wires, or sensor itself.

The car sat unused for nearly 16 months before the test (with a half tank of fresh Premium fuel).

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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