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When we first heard about Teamprototype and its susidiary, CFtype, we weren't exactly certain of their capabilities, But we are always into new things and they were highly recommended by several people, so we figured we'd give them a try.

We set up a meeting with Mike Madriaga, owner of Teamprototype and CFtype, and shared our ideas about a carbon fiber overlay project. He assured us that his team was prepared for a job of this magnitude, so we made the plans. We had to take the car to San Diego, which was 100 mile drive down the 5 Freeway. Driving in SoCal in a bright car, this is not so easy, as everyone and their mother wants to race. Save it for the track, guys.

Things got more interesting once we began going over the car with the Teamprototype crew. When we first discussed the plan with Madriaga, we only asked him about wrapping the roof of our 240 and nothing else. Then we came up with something more.

See, when we originally did our two-tone theme with the black roof and mirrors, it was a cool a novel idea. But as you all know, the tuner scene continually changes and people often imitate what is hot. So we wanted to take this carbon fiber project to another level. All we had to do was convince Madriaga's gang to go for what we had in mind.

Not only did we want to wrap the roof and pillars in carbon fiber, but we also wanted to continue the theme to the front fenders, rear fenders and trunk. Sweat started to pour from Madriaga's face....but then we noticed a smile, which gradually turned into a huge grin. He looked at us as if we were completely nuts, but he also knew that this was something that had never been done before. He accepted the challenge.

We only had three weeks to get this project done before IAS show in Los Angeles. The top half of the car was not the only part that had to be sanded down. As it turned out, the entire car would need to be sanded and re-sprayed. If we opted to do just the roof and pillars in carbon material, the whole vehicle would not have to be repainted; however, since we went carbon on the trunk, front and rear fenders, it was best to re-spray the entire thing. Also, all of the windows had to be removed for this job. With only three weeks to accomplish everything, there was very few nights of sleep for the team.

Two days before IAS, Madriaga called and said the 240 transformation was complete. We were on edge as we made our way down to San Diego. This was, after all, something no one had ever done and we had no idea how it would turn out. But as soon as we saw the car, our worries turned to pure joy. The carbon fiber work was done to perfection, the car was sporting a fresh, deeper paint job, and all of the glass and moulding had been replaced with new pieces. It's a testament to how professional and organized Teamprototype is.

The new two-tone carbon fiber 240sx debuted in the Buckaroo booth at IAS and was a huge attraction. Everybody was touching, rubbing and knocking on the fenders, trunk and roof in disbelief. Some people thought it was just a sticker, while others had no clue at all. Ultimately, we were able to prove to the scene that you can lay real-deal carbon fiber over just about anything and it will look killer.

We handed our trusty camera over to Madriaga and told him to capture all the steps of this rigorous buildup, as we wanted to show readers everything from beginning to end. This is not a job you should try in your garage, as there are several key steps to doing this correctly, So if you want yoour ride to come out right, we recommend that you have professionals like Teamprototype do it for you.

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