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What: 4th annual PNW Tiburon/Hyundai/Kia meet and cruise
Where: Millersylvania State Park south of Tumwater, WA
When: Saturday, May 15th 2010
Who: Anyone with a Hyundai or Kia, or Hyundai/Kia supporters

Follow this event from the Facebook event page

Dash plaques will be given to the first 20 cars to arrive.

You've asked, so this year there will be an emphasis on an epic cruise. No bbq this year, but pizza will be provided courtesy of Team X-Culture and there will be a stop at a restaurant mid cruise.

Cruise route map:

Mount Rainier map

The distance between Millersylvania and Paradise at Mount Rainier is 81 miles. It's a great cruise route. There will be a stop at a restaurant in Yelm for lunch. Yelm is a fairly central point for people not interested in a long cruise but who want to roll with the group. Shortly after departing Yelm the roads will get significantly more interesting. If you've never driven to Mount Rainier it's an experience like none other and I highly recommend it.

This picture is an example of the awesome Mt. Rainier roads

If you're interested in what a trip to Mt. Rainier in May is like, you can look at my Photobucket album from my last May trip.

This event will be open to all Hyundai and Kia cars, and you're allowed to bring friends with other makes however for photography/videography purposes anyone without a Hyundai or Kia will be required to bring up the rear of the group and park at the ends for any photo ops. We love having everyone there that wants to come, but we also like showing solidarity with our pictures and videos.

If there is any interest in other activities speak up. Anyone want to have a show with trophies? Let us know what categories you would like to see and we'll see if we can sort it out.

These plans are still a work in progress, any input is appreciated.

Directions to Millersylvania State Park:

Coming from north of the park:
Take I-5 exit 99 for 93rd Ave./WA-121
Turn left on 93rd Ave. at the end of the off ramp and cross over the highway
Turn right onto Tilley Road in 1.5 miles
Turn into the park on the right in 3 miles

Coming from south of the park:
Take I-5 exit 95 for WA-121 towards Littlerock/Maytown
Turn right on Maytown road at the end of the ramp
Turn left on Tilley Road in 2.4 miles
Turn into the park on the left in 1 mile

Address for GPS users:
12245 Tilley Rd S
Olympia, WA

I know I'm new here, but I've been around a lot of other Hyundai forums for several years.

As of right now we have 35 cars that say they're coming to the meet. With the typical flake rate I expect 25-30 of those people will show up. There's quite a while before the meet though so I'm hoping a few more people will decide to show. It would be really great to have some Genesises (Genesii?) show up and cruise with us.

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We've had a great time every year so far.

It looks like a fair number of members in Washington. Would people like me to post up events that we're planning? We have meets a few times a year, shows occasionally, dyno days, racing events, etc.

I was just slacking and didn't realize that there were local users on this forum.

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Sounds great! I will make sure to post here whenever we have something going on. This is our big yearly meet. We have people coming from as far away as California and Alberta. Maybe even one person from Florida but he's not positive that he can make it yet.

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It's getting closer!

I have pictures from our scouting run, and a few more details to put up when I get some time. For now, we've sorted out the restaurant location in Yelm, it'll be Jody's Restaurant & Lounge. It has adequate space for everyone and a HUGE parking lot across the street so it fits our needs perfectly.

Meet at Millersylvania: 11:00am
Leave Millersylvania: 12:00 noon
Arrive Jody's Restaurant & Lounge: 12:45pm
Leave Jody's Restaurant & Lounge: 2:00pm
Arrive Mt. Rainier entrance: 3:30pm
Arrive Mt. Rainier Paradise lot: 4:30pm
Sunset: 8:38pm

After event social and/or camping is being discussed currently. If anyone has any interest in attending either let me know.
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