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ABS light?

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hey guys, i just got 2.0T base( canadian model) , ran about 300km for now,

but today, when idling, ABS light was on for 2sec, and its gone, after that, no light was on, but ,,

I will see how it goes later,

anybody , anygencoupe had this experience before???
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Could you give more details about when it came? On 1st start up, after a while of driving, when braking, etc.

By the way, welcome to the site & take the time to introduce yourself in the new members section.

Speaking of ABS...
Does turning off the stability control system turn off ABS?
No, ABS stays on continuously. Unless the ABS lamp is on indicatiing a problem with the system, but then you still have normal braking capabilities.

^^^ Day Dreamer is correct, a faulty brake lamp switch can cause ABS or ESC lamps to come, brakes lights to stay on or not come on at all. If the GenCoupe has the same part #, then good chance this could be the culprit. For anyone wanting to know if there is an open recall on your vehicle for this or any other part, just pm me with your vin# & I'll take the time to look it up. Even if there is no recall, still take your vehicle in to the dealer if experiencing these issues, because it still needs to be fixed.

1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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