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Well, after ogling over the incredible interior pictures of the Coupe for the last few months I started thinking about a few things. Mainly I'm curious, and maybe even a little bit concerned, as to what our options are going to be for aftermarket CD players and/or Navigation setups. Judging from the looks of the center console, the only way that you're going to be able to change anything out will be to completely replace the center console with some kind of aftermarket equivalent. Then, you would be able to simply mount your aftermarket unit of choice into the newly created space.

I'm mainly concerned because I have never really liked any factory stereo for very long because they never seem to have all of the options that I would like to have. Also, from what I've read, the Coupe will only come with the option of XM satellite radio. This presents a problem for me because I have been a happy subscriber of Sirius satellite radio for over 2 years and I really don't want to switch over to XM. Now, I am aware of the Sirius/XM merger, but so far they haven't started offering a personal selection of favorites from each provider. All I've seen so far is a "Best of Sirius/XM" (depending of which service you currently have) that really only gives you about 4 or 5 channels (not of your choosing) from the other provider. So now we are back to my first issue...the factory stereo, and how to change it out. :3_frusty:

So, with that said, what's everyone else's thoughts regarding this?
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