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Alfa Romeo MiTo RIAR edition

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Members Only: Alfa Romeo MiTo RIAR edition

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Isn't it nice when automakers can give something back to their most loyal fans? Like Volkswagen, for example, which shows up every year to its enthusiast gathering in Wörthersee, Austria with a new surprise (like the Golf GTI W12 650 concept). Well Volkswagen may have snagged Alfa Romeo's CEO, but Alfa is taking something back from Volkswagen in launching the MiTo RIAR edition.

Made to commemorate the 46th anniversary of the Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo, an international Alfa owners club with over 1,000 members, the RIAR edition MiTo takes on a decidedly sinister and low-key appearance. It's painted black, with black satin finish details instead of chrome and 17-inch anthracite-finish 8C-style rims hiding red brake calipers. Buyers can choose between black or burgundy leather, but the RIAR edition comes packed with all the options inside and out. Under the hood is a 170-hp version of the turbocharged four, and in honor of RIAR's 46th year of brand loyalty, Alfa will only offer 46 individually-numbered and personalized examples exclusively to RIAR members. This special edition proves that membership has its privileges; we wonder what they'll cook up for the club's 50th

Click above to view the RIAR edition Alfa MiTo in high resolution

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