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Hyundai made it clear from the onset that the new Genesis sedan would upset the balance in the luxury world, particularly at the expense of Lexus. Consumer Reports' latest round of testing proves that Hyundai has succeeded in dethroning Toyota's luxury arm as the latest credible entry into the "Upscale Sedan" arena. Just as Lexus was once the upstart that ruffled feathers, it's Hyundai's turn, and they are making the most of the opportunity with a win against all comers from the likes of Acura, Lincoln, Saab and Lexus, which had previously held the top overall spot with its ES350 sedan.

Despite the Genesis' win in direct testing, Consumer Reports doesn't have enough data to rate the sedan as "Recommended." The same goes for the ES350, which means that the Acura TL is the only competitor in the segment that officially gets CR's nod. Regardless, consider the gauntlet officially thrown at the feet of the established Japanese players, and we look forward to Round Two when Hyundai sends a shot over the bow of the sportscar world with the Genesis Coupe.

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