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hi all i had a incident there a line in my car bonnet can i use floor paint to cover it up or i should go to garage ? thanks in advance

Can anyone recommend white exterior woodwork paint and white interior woodwork paint.

Am I right in assuming that the strength of the sun in the region plays havoc with the oil based type of paint we use in the UK for exterior woodwork and that the french use different
painting your exterior house?

I have already been recommended Renulac interior emulsion from Brico Depot which is approx 60 euros for 15 litres so interior emulsion is sorted but it still leaves paint for interior and exterior woodwork to source.I know paint is expensive in France but am not so bothered to pay a little extra as long as the paint is good and suitable for the conditions in which it has to perform.

Most of the woodwork has been previously painted but will need rubbing down, an undercoat and top coat paint........or maybe is there another way method used in France ?

Any advice gratefully received.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts