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There are a few changes that we have made to try and make this site better. Many of these changes were due to the following threads: and

Firstly and probably the most obvious change is the font size change. It is a litte bigger but not much but should make reading the site easier..

Secondly, we implemented the Separate Sedan and Coupe Reviews and Articles section (Hyundai Genesis Sedan and Coupe Articles). From now if you are link or posting an online article or blog post them here in their respective sections.

Thirdly we consolated and re-organized some of the forums and sub-forums. The regional forums was totally redone to be more organized. This should help when it comes to organizing events, meets and gatherings. There are also separate Genesis Sedan and Coupe sections in the General Discusions (Hyundai Genesis Sedan & Coupe - General Discussions). We figure these will both be popular cars so we wanted to separate them. We may do the same for the other forums at a later time as more traffic comes to the site.

Fourth but not last, we added an image resizer mod to accomdate the higher res photo's and images that can be linked on the forum. Thanks to Lord Nikon for the link to a good forum mod.

That's about it, we're still in the process of moving some threads around in the Main General forum but we'll get there eventually. As for now try to keep your discusions in the subforum they belong in.

Thanks, staff

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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