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Now that carburators have been in the auto industry's rear-view mirror for nearly two decades, we experience remarkably few problems getting the correct amount of fuel into the cylinders. Lighting that mixture off has also become an event that can be relied upon, but it's still necessary to occassionally pay some attention to one of the remaining wear items in the ignition system - the humble spark plug. Worn plugs can cause reduced fuel economy, poor drivability and increased emissions.

The recommended service interval for spark plugs is usually every 100,000 miles. We'd prefer not to go that long for a few reasons. First, we've seen a few platinum plugs that were rated to go 100K, but which had either experienced excessive wear or had completely shed their precious-metal "pucks". Second, the plugs' appearance is one of the best indicators of engine health, and we like to check in on things more often than every time the odometer's sixth digit changes. Finally, the prospect of successfully removing the plugs dim significantly after sitting in the heads for a few thousand hours of operation. We think it's a good idea to change the plugs perhaps every 50,000-60,000 miles (or sooner, if your vehicle calls for more frequent service).

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