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Barrett-Jackson 2009: Gone in 60 Seconds Eleanor Movie Car

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What's the price of fame? When the subject turns towards famous movie cars, a vehicle's presence on the silver screen invariably adds some intrinsic value to the vehicle's worth, and there are few movie cars in recent memory more recognizable as Eleanor, the 1967 Ford Mustang fastback from Gone in 60 Seconds. According to the studio, a total of eleven Eleanors were created for the flick, and only three of those machines made it through filming unscathed. The car you see here is one of those machines, used for close-ups with Nicholas Cage. In this case, the car's sundry list of components isn't all that important, but for those that care, there's a 351 cubic-inch Ford V8 underhood, mated to an automatic transmission. The gavel fell, fees were tallied and the car's new owner was exactly $216,700 poorer after Saturday night's bidding was finished.

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Eleanor movie car at Barrett-Jackson

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