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Blitz brings RWD, manual-equipped GT-R

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2009 Tokyo Auto Salon: Blitz brings RWD, manual-equipped GT-R

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You'd have to go to great lengths to improve on the Nissan GT-R, but judging by the number of R35s on hand at the Tokyo Auto Salon, Japan's top tuners are making a serious attempt. One GT-R that caught our attention comes from the aftermarket firm Blitz, which ditched Godzilla's all-wheel-drive system and fitted a manual gearbox in an attempt to make the GT-R a credible contender in Japan's D1 drift series.

With the complex ATESSA-ETS setup and rear-to-front drivetrain removed, Blitz has created the first rear-wheel-drive GT-R and addressed one of the main complaints about the R35 - it's weight. While the stock seats remain (Blitz plans to fit a set of Bride buckets later on), it's nixed the air-conditioning and a number of other components, along with replacing several interior panels and the hood with carbon fiber pieces. The gearbox still sits in the rear for optimum weight distribution, but a Hollinger sequential unit has been fitted with the addition of an NISMO GT R34 LSD. The twin-turbo'd 3.8-liter V6 remains unchanged, but the exhaust has been swapped in favor of a Blitz cat-back.

In addition to a set of gauges to keep tabs on boost, oil temperature and oil pressure, Blitz fitted its own ZRR dampers at all four corners, along with a set of BRW09MAG forged magnesium wheels, sized 20x9.5-inches (+38) up front and 20x10-inches (+18) in the rear. Each is shod in super sticky Dunlop SP Sport DSST Ctt (we think 600s) rubber, with 255/40s on the front and 285/35 out back.

The Blitz GT-R is still under development, so it won't be campaigning in D1 until 2010. Not that it matters, we're just enamored by the sight of an R35 with a clutch pedal. Check out the gallery below for some shots under the Blitz GT-R's body.

Click above for a gallery of the Blitz Nissan GT-R

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