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by Mike Krumboltz
17 hours ago

A team of British scientists and engineers has created a full-scale model for a car they intend to drive more than 1,000 mph.

The model, aptly named the Bloodhound SuperSonic Car (SSC), was built by a team of aerodynamic experts, who took three years to build it. Recently shown off to the world at the Farnborough International Air Show, the 42-foot-long Bloodhound resembles a bright blue missile with wheels.

For now, it's just a model, but the wheels are in motion to create the real deal. According to an article from the BBC, aerospace manufacturer Hampson Industries "will begin building the rear of the vehicle in the first quarter of 2011." Apparently, another deal to create the front end of the car is close to being finalized.

Not surprisingly, news that there may soon exist a car capable of hitting four digits on the speedometer moved the search needle. Immediately, online lookups for "bloodhound car," "supersonic car," and "bloodhound car pictures" roared into breakout status.

Of course, nobody makes an obscenely fast car just to take its picture. As soon as the Bloodhound is fully assembled (hopefully by late 2011 or early 2012), the team will attempt to sniff out a new world land speed record. The current record belongs to the Thrust SuperSonic Car, which hit 763 mph back in 1997.

Incidentally, several of the key people involved in the Thrust vehicle also worked on the Bloodhound, including driver Andy Green (who is also a Fighter Pilot in the Royal Air Force). Here, Mr. Green discusses some of the car's impressive/terrifying capabilities. One factoid to whet your appetite: The Bloodhound has a grand total of 135,000 horsepower, which is equal to 180 times the power of a formula one car. Buckle up.

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