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retrieved from gencoupe, OP Justin5117

"Props to jonathanp for getting the files. This should make this a lot easier, so people can download and not have to keep forwarding it around.
Here's the file link:
MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Fixes: Voice Input Quality .

Directions (taken from thread "Bluetooth input quality" by jonathanp)

Save two rom files on a usb key or flash drive...
1. Turn on the car
2. Plug the usb key into the console
3. Turn off the radio
4. Hold preset 1 and 6 (This will show which version of the bluetooth is installed. (1.00 & 1.01 are the the oldest versions)
5. Push 1 then 4 for 3 seconds
6. Push preset 1, 5 times
7. Push preset 4.
8. Push preset 1 and 6 to make sure the the bluetooth version is 1.02"

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