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Rumors have been swirling this past week about the potential sale of Saleen, Inc., just a few months after the company announced they would explore the sale of their operations. L.A.-based Hancock Park Associates, who purchased a majority of the business from Steve Saleen just a few years ago, had been recently been running the company with just a few dozen employees to keep the business running until it could find a buyer. The sale is now finally official, with MJ Acquisitions purchasing a majority of the assets of the company including both the production car and aftermarket divisions. Other assets, including the S7, S5 Raptor, and the paint operations remain with Saleen, Inc. Currently, all Saleen employees are officially out of a job, including CEO Chris Theodore, but MJ Acquisitions plans on hiring many of the workers including several that were laid off.

The new owners seem to be a good fit, already owning several automotive companies and benefiting from extensive experience in engineering and production related to performance vehicles. MJ Acquisitions' immediate plans include the development of the 2010 Mustang for the Racecraft brand as well as new Saleen models that will be introduced in the third quarter of 2009.

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