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Brutal Engine Explosion

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StreetFire is filled with drag racing clips where things blow up, catch on fire or otherwise fail spectacularly. But when this engine grenades, it takes most of the front clip with it. Makes you wonder what's left under the hood...

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Ouch! Sucks enough that the motor went but it definitely took some other goods with it!
I wonder if any of the parts may have flew out & hurt someone in the crowd.

I'm sure they could have. Shit went flying everywhere!
That is no where near as bad as this guy when he loses his hand!!!

[ame=""]YouTube - Drag Racer Blows Off Hand![/ame]
^^^^^ HOLY SHIT :yikes:
The first video looks like the clutch let go, which is why it could take out the front clip and the hood. Transverse mounted engines, that's about where the clutch would be.

On the second video, Brock didn't lose his hand. The piece that goes flying is part of the upper fairing, but this version of the video isn't long enough to see him get away from the bike where he's clearly holding his hand. I'm sure it hurt, but he's still in one piece. :)
OMG, it looks like his hand gets instantly amputated and goes flying off onto the track while still wearing his glove... I must have a really good imagination... lol.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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