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We started doing this at the end of the summer, about five years ago. At the time, a bunch of really, really wanted to go to Burning Man, but couldn't justify it, and, from what I've seen recently, it's mostly hipsters and advertising these days, anyway.

But, we were... ok. We were drunk. And we had lumber. And we had gasoline. So, we built ourselves an effigy, and 'poured all the ills of the year into him, and burned them all, to give ourselves a clean slate for the coming year, karmically speaking".

I said we were drunk.

And it became an end-of-summer tradition. No one, it seems, will be able to go to the cottage Labour Day weekend this year, unfortunately, so we had to use Ontario's stat holiday, the August long Weekend.

And lo, Burning Stan 2010.

[ame=]YouTube - Burning Stan - Conflagration[/ame]
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