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Detroit 2009: Chrysler 200C Concept, what the Sebring should have been

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We were beginning to worry that the 300C was all Ralph Gilles had in him. But if the Chrysler 200C Concept is what Chrysler's styling star can bring to the hitherto dull banquet of Chrysler design, then he should have been placed in charge long ago. It is absolutely gorgeous - check out those wheels - and to our eyes, at least, this is what the straked nonsense known as the Sebring should have been (or at least, what it could have looked like).

A range-extended four-passenger sedan, the car is about the size of a BMW 5-Series. A rear-wheel-driver powered by a plug-in hybrid drivetrain that includes a "small gasoline engine" - Chrysler didn't say how small - aided by a lithium-ion batteries and an electric generator putting out 55kW (74 horsepower) of continuous power. The system's combined forces are good for 200 kW (268 hp) of peak power. The car can go 40 miles on electric power alone (a number that sounds rather familiar), and has an estimated range of up to 400 miles. The 200C is not a slowpoke, either, with a predicted 7-second blast to sixty, and a top speed north of 120.

Inside, the 200C Concept is crammed with enough tech to guide a starfleet. The interactive dashboard is infinitely changeable, internet enabled (via Chrysler's uConnect), and tied into security cameras and street cameras when you want to see how long the line is out front of the Delta Terminal at Detroit Metro. Even better, you can control everything from the integrated tablet PC in the glovebox or from an iPhone-like controller - even roll down the windows and check on the status of the car. And the technology leaf for the passenger also gets a huge shoutout. You can read all about it in the minutely thorough press releases after the jump, and check out the galleries of high-res photos below.

Click above for a high-res gallery of the Chrysler 200C Concept

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