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Clutch Info?

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Hey, I was just wondering if anyone has found out any new information regarding the strength of the Coupe's 6-speed clutch as of yet? I know that the 6-speed clutch in my Tiburon wasn't worth a damn (went out at 15k), so I'm just hoping that Hyundai beefed up those components as well. Judging from the looks of the car, so far, it looks like I won't be disappointed, so here's hoping. :bigthumb:
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You're really concerned about the clutch, aren't you? lol, this is the third forum I've seen this thread on.
LOL!! Well, I figured that there are 3 Genesis Coupe forums (that I know of), so why not spread it all out? The more people that see the question, the more answers it will generate. :)
Other than the info that is in the Technical documents there isn't a whole lot of other information. Unfortunately I think that means the only way to know if we will have clutch or tranny issues is when people start to really drive the cars. I will be using mine as a daily driver but also will be taking it to the dragstrip and autocross coarse on a regular basis so I will try to give back as much info as I can. I think the last thing Hyundai wants to do(or any car manufacture for that matter), in this economy especially, is have a ton of problems with warranty work. I'll try to get a hold of my Hyundai rep and see if he can give us more insight. He's in Korea right now so I may not hear back from him for a bit. He's also supposed to get back to me o whether the turbo-4 will have a boost gauge or not. I know that has been on a few people's minds aswell.

Yeah, I'll be using mine in about the same circumstances, but I don't want to have issues early on like my Tiburon. I barely had any mods done to my car at that time, and I never beat on any of my cars. I mean, I enjoy my tib, but I'm not flooring it at every stop sign and traffic light.

Hopefully your rep will have some feed back here sometime soon.

1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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