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Clutch Info?

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Hey, I was just wondering if anyone has found out any new information regarding the strength of the Coupe's 6-speed clutch as of yet? I know that the 6-speed clutch in my Tiburon wasn't worth a damn (went out at 15k), so I'm just hoping that Hyundai beefed up those components as well. Judging from the looks of the car, so far, it looks like I won't be disappointed, so here's hoping. :bigthumb:
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...but I'm not flooring it at every stop sign and traffic light.
Wow, that's almost opposite of how I'd describe my own driving. I like to floor it whenever I can, get's me in trouble all the time. Most recently I floored it right in front of an unmarked police car, got a nice fat ticket for it too. Anyhow, I enjoy driving my car, but I don't too often speed, I mostly accelerate up to the speed limit really quickly.
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