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Clutch Info?

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Hey, I was just wondering if anyone has found out any new information regarding the strength of the Coupe's 6-speed clutch as of yet? I know that the 6-speed clutch in my Tiburon wasn't worth a damn (went out at 15k), so I'm just hoping that Hyundai beefed up those components as well. Judging from the looks of the car, so far, it looks like I won't be disappointed, so here's hoping. :bigthumb:
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Yeah, I agree that the last generation Tiburon clutches sucked & in addition had a floating flywheel (unable to resurface). So when it came time to replace the clutch, you also needed to replace the flywheel, a $2,200.00 job at the dealer. Now once the GenCoupes are released & the vehicles get out into the hands of the puplic we will really see their weaknesses & will be better prepared. But for those 1st early purchasers, they being the test dummies, are the ones that I feel sorry for (i.e my brother). Luckily he has opted for minor mods & is planning on opting for the ZF A/T tranny, which has no clutch is seems to be the strongest transmission in the line up by far. I on the other hand have no problem replacing the clutch with a better after market racing version, but I do not want to have to replace that 6sp transmission. It is just not in the budget & I've heard on some sites that it may be the weak link.

Old topic, but new info

I've heard on another fourm that the clutch is similar to the Tiburon's:cry:, it is a 2 stage w/floating flywheel. I've yet to confirm this, but one of the members had the opportunity to drive one for review & said it also has the soft pedal feel of the Tibs. They also complained about the rear end coming out too easily, which may be great for drifting, but not so good under other circumstances.

Now, I also learned that the soft pedal feel can be easily fixxed by removing a spring in the slave cylinder. But, if the clutch is like the present Tibs, I will be replacing that w/a racing after market as soon as it starts to go.

Thanks Sabbasaun,
Hopefully there will be after markets available, along with different flywheel options, by the time these things start to go.

I'm at an advantage since I'm going to be patient & allow the the R-Spec to come out, then wait a little longer to pay off the bimmer.

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