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It has probably happened to you many times that while driving, while everything looks great, the warning light on the back of the car amp suddenly turns on. In fact, the warning lights on the back of the amp are the car's notification panel, which reminds the car of defects and safety issues or safety issues such as not wearing a seat belt or opening the doors. As a result, you need to be familiar with the warning lights on the back of the amp to react appropriately when necessary.
Of course, turning on these warning lights does not always mean that the vehicle is malfunctioning, and sometimes indicates the type of system active while driving. The set of warning lights on the back of the amp varies from car to car, and most drivers may not be aware of the meaning of all of them.

Red color
The red lights often come on to indicate a serious problem in the vehicle that requires immediate service by a mechanic. Red lights may also be programmed to remind you of the maintenance of certain parts that turn on, for example, after a certain distance. On the other hand, a red light may also be used to inform about the status of one of the main components of the car, such as the status of the handbrake or airbag.

Yellow and orange
A yellow or orange light, such as a check light, comes on to remind you of parts that are out of service or in need of service and replacement. When these lights are in the blinking position, it means that the condition of the existing part must be checked immediately.

Green and blue
Light green or light blue lights usually indicate active vehicle systems such as headlights or air conditioning.
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