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If you use and seed this email:


Thank for the prompt response to my mail,my secretary will be processing and mail a draft to cover the cost of my purchase as am completely satisfied with the advert.Am interested in purchasing I’m a serious buyer, and am quite satisfied with the price you listed for the Item...Pls let me know if this is your Final Price..... Payment would be made out to you via Check and within 2-3 days the check will be delivered to you through the Fedex courier services, you should know i will have my movers come over as soon as you have cashed the Check for the instant pick of the item. i want you to understand that,i love to call but am a deaf and only uses a hearing-in paired phone the relay so please send me a email you leave a message on my voice mail 951-892-7140"it will be delivered as an email to me as well,thank you.

I need you to provide me with the following information to facilitate the mailing of the Check Payment to you.

1. Your full Names

2. Your Mailing Address, be it Residential or Postal Address

3. Your Phone numbers both land and mobile Lines.

Note: Fedex courier services don’t deliver to P.O box

Pls Note: Lastly, that i take it that the Item is in Good Condition, worth the Price and am Willing to Buy. My Movers would come make Pick up of the Item at your Location. An extra would be made out in addition to your own Amount when my Secretary is making out your Check Payment. Please I want you to get it cashed, deduct your own Amount for the Item and then send the excess to the Mover for deliver charges. Send through Instant Money Transfer .This is cost for pick up and Handling the Delivery to me.

My Busy Schedules has made me unable to handle this on my own.

Hope this works well with you as I hope to read back from you soon.

Regards and Have a Good time.


and then this

Hello i got the delivery confirmation that the check will be deliver to you by Monday but I want you to understand that the deal is on and my secretary as posted the payment promptly, but there was a little problem which i guess we can handle with care while i contacted her to confirm if the payment as been mail out i was made to understand that its actually as been sent and but instead of the actually amount of $757 for the USED TIRES she made out the check for $2500 she claim that was what i requested but she didn't get that straight. The payment was already posted before i was inform about this but i wouldn't want this to delay the sale as i have rectify this with my Bank. Beside that, the check is a certified check once the payment as been made it can not be cancel. So all you have do is, once you have the payment is to take it to your Bank and have it cashed and you will then deduct the money for your goods plus a $200 for the errand. The excess fund on the payment will then be wired to my mover via money gram that same days so that she can come for pick up as i already plan on using the excess on the payment to offset the cost of the various shipments he as undertaken on my behalf. Do let me know if i can trust you to have the excess sent to my mover thank you.

best Regards.

go to I just got the second email then called my local FBI agency. They answered there phone..."FBI" they instructed me to go to that website and submit claim. Thought id let all of you know about the scam.

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